Hardwood Installation

hardwood flooring installation

Hardwood floors are unmistakably stylish and elegant, and we’re sure you’ll be pleased with the ease of upkeep of your new hardwood floor. Whether you prefer a custom installation or pre-finished flooring in your Saskatoon home, all of our projects begin with our free estimates, which are sent out via email. Afterwards, we like to perform a site visit to better understand your home and to measure the rooms where your wood floor will be installed.

Before arriving at your property for your flooring installation, we will discuss with you what you’re looking for in your final product. When we arrive for your hardwood flooring install job, we’ll remove your existing flooring, and then we’ll inspect and prepare your subfloors, to create the solid, flat surface that’s ideal for a good floor installation. Next, we install a vapour barrier, and then your new hardwood flooring, which we then sand, seal and finish to your specifications.

hardwood flooring installation
floor repair

Hardwood Installer

When hiring a hardwood installer, you want them to be detailed and highly-skilled. Our hardwood installers follow this process for installing new hardwood flooring or adding on to the original hardwood flooring.

Sanding and Finishing new Hardwood Flooring

sand and finish
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