Hardwood Refinishing

hardwood floor refinishing

Sanding and refinishing hardwood floors

We specialize in refinishing traditional and prefinished hardwood flooring. All of our projects begin with our free estimates, which are emailed to you upon request. Afterwards, we try to perform a site visit to inspect the current condition of your hardwood floors to prepare ourselves for what to expect on your property, and to take measurements for each room that will be refinished.

Before arriving at your property for your wood floor refinishing, we will discuss with you what you’re looking for in your final product. For every single one of our hardwood refinishing projects, we want you to have the best stained or natural finish possible. To do that, we’ll also perform any necessary repairs to ensure that you have the best outcome on your hardwood floors.

When we arrive to refinish your wood floors, we prepare our materials on site, prepare our tools, and find a home for our dust collection system to keep your air clean.

sanding hardwood floors

refinishing hardwood floors


The first stage of your wood floor refinishing involved removing the old finish and stripping the down areas to reveal the clean hardwood floor. Then, we perform any necessary repairs and float a hardwood floor filler over the entire surface of your floor.

The filler bridges gaps and cracks while repairing minor holes, such as from nails. When the filler dries, we sand it away and polish the floor flat before applying your finish.


If your wood floor is to be stained, we use professional hardwood floor stains from an industry-leading manufacturer, and then seal your floor. After your hardwood floor has been prepared and filled, we apply a single coat of sealer, and then two coats of your chosen stain finish.

After the first coat of stain finish has been applied to your floor, we sand it once to clean away any contaminants or debris that may have fallen in, before applying the final coat of finish.


We use industry leading sealers and finishes to protect your floor and give it additional durability. Our sealers and finishes are environmentally responsible products incorporating nanoparticles and ceramic silica to fill gaps while improving the beauty and lifespan of your floor.

We use only professional-grade sealers and finishes, with a cure time of three days.

Hardwood Floor Resanding And Finishing

Resanding and finishing

Hardwood Floor Staining

Our wood floor staining process always includes vacuuming and tacking.

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